about me

In her conceptfashion- and -beauty photography Melissa (1989) takes you into an association based world that will incite your brain to establish links between reality and fiction. Her aim is to present the viewers familiair shapes, colors and textures without it being spoonfed, so every person’s mind will be encouraged to constr

uct the underlying concept for themselves. The Dutch born studied Religion and Culture at Utrecht University while earning her money as a parttime model whereby she discovered the passion for creating her own association based concepts. Her visual language consists of pictorial concepts playing noteworthy roles in her life as a child and young adolescent which crystallizes in from nature derived drafts to pop icons. Her work can be described as dreamy, driven by color harmonies and -dissonance, quirky, esthetic, sometimes a bit off, always a hint of glamorous beauty along with a core focus on expression and pure personality.